Selasa, 22 September 2009

Writing Symbol on Blog Posting

i know... i know... i know...
Off course its so simple.
Just put the code of symbol which is we want to write between


The blank area above will be filled by code that is linked at below.
This is just samples link, you may search another link to study.

Try it, and get fun.

O... i almost forget, simple way to make the written become subscript or superscript, by this code:

... as subscript

... as superscript

That's all brother, try it, and never stop to study.


This is a small sample for you.
  1. x1 and x2 by writing x1 and x2
  2. 32x+1 . 3x+15 by writing 32x+1 . 3x+15
  3. p q by writing p q
  4. And any other symbol as shown on my posting :)

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